boudoir, fitness, and fine art

Boudoir, Fitness, and Fine Art photography capture the beauty of the human form. In boudoir, for men (sometimes called "dudeoir"), women, and couples there is an emphasis on intimate and sensual posing in various states of dress (or undress if you will.) This is the essence of my work and I seek to find the essence of you. My goal with boudoir and intimate portraits is to work with you on to create images that capture your essence, highlight your best features, and give you a platform by which to express and own your sexuality. If you are looking for a boudoir or fitness photographer in Las Vegas, let Pam Fields Photography work with you on creating something truly special. Each session is conducted in a casual and comfortable manner sure to make you look and feel your best with sessions custom tailored to your own personal comfort level and boundaries.

If you’re still reading, well I’m happy to see you at this point in the process. There are a few things I can share with you about a boudoir or dudoir sessions before you are ready to book a session. (FYI, I am not in love with the term dudoir and really prefer to call it male boudoir but it’s one way people search for me.) Most people find themselves too scared to even think about the idea of baring it all in front of a stranger, but in the end you can only regret the chances you never took! I promise you, you can have a session and not even take your clothes off and you will still have some amazing images that you will love! However, if you want to, I also promise that I will help you be comfortable and leave you with nothing to worry about! If you want more information and my information guide, just click the button below to contact me and I will send you more information.