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 Let me start out by saying I am SUPER stoked to have the opportunity to work with you! This experience is one that will leave you feeling on top of the world! We will work together to create beautiful art featuring you at your best. 

I ask my clients to fill out this little questionnaire so that I can ensure that the day of your session is AWESOME! You will notice throughout our time spent together that I like to make sure this entire process is entirely customized to be perfect for you!! This is the first step! Let's do this!! First thing's first! 

Name *
Are you single/dating/married? Do you have kids? How about pets? What do you do for fun? What do you do for work? Any weird/awesome talents?! I wanna know a little about you!
Is this you first boudoir session? *
What is the purpose behind your session? *
What style of make up are you hoping to achieve! *
What style of hair are you hoping to achieve? *
How revealing do you want your photos to be? *
Note, I'm never "pushy" but if you want me to encourage your boundaries a bit, let me know!
Don't be shy, is it your: Butt? Boobs? Your stomach? An awesome smile? Big beautiful eyes? Luscious locks? All of the above?!!
How would you like to display your boudoir photos? *
What level of privacy do you want regarding your images? *
Part of your being comfortable is knowing exactly what will happen with the images once I'm done. I promise to respect and abide by your wishes for any of the photos taken.