Hi there! I'm Pam!! While I have lived all over the Mid South, in WV, and Indianapolis, I'm currently based in the Memphis area. I love sushi, a good cup of coffee, road trips and concerts with my daughter, listening to my son play bass, and hanging out with my husband.      

It wasn't until I moved to this area that I started getting serious about photography. I love, what I like to call, contemporary portraits with a fashion twist. I have an eye for detail and really enjoy working through storytelling with conceptual editorials. I offer modern, fashion styled photo sessions on location or in my Collierville based studio. I also offer senior portraits, headshots, boudoir photography, concert photography, promotional and commercial photography. 






I've been published in several national and international magazines as well as locally in Click Magazine. I am also a featured photographer on Vogue Italia's website. This has all been very exciting for me and I look forward to bringing some of that excitement to your shoot! If you are looking to get a piece published, looking for a personal project, or looking for some amazing pictures of you, your children, your business, or your products, I would love to chat with you! I have a passion for creating images that are soulful and have an element of depth that can only be described as captivating. I always enjoy working with fresh faces of any age! I believe we are created to be creative and there is beauty in and all around us. It's part of my job, as a photographer to help you see that beauty!  

Thanks for visiting Pam Fields Photography and for viewing my work!







I grew up in the Mississippi Delta and have always been told I  have an eye for photography, but I stuck with a little point and shoot camera for a really long time! Now, I shoot with a Nikon DSLR. Since my homeschool children are teenagers, the time I have to work on building my photography business has increased. I focus a great deal of time developing my talents through studying and working to hone my skills.