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If you want to work with me to plan a shoot, contact me. Let's work together and create something unique to you and your style! That means I need to get to know a little about you!

My sessions include styling advice/wardrobe consultation, pose coaching, and make-up tips. Professional hair and/or make up can also be added to your session.

With regard to pricing, each shoot is different. With that in mind, my pricing is tailored to your specific shoot requirements. For example, some shoots take more time to edit, some are more time consuming to plan and may require special props, scouting, locations, rentals, or sourcing wardrobe. Some people want social media files for instagram or sharing on the internet while others want wall art, prints, albums or other products. For these reasons, pricing varies from shoot-to-shoot.

My rates are competitive and based on your needs, not “one size fits all”. Once we talk about your shoot, I will be able to quote your rate. Typically my session fee is $200. This fee is your booking fee and covers the initial consultation, planning, the time for the shoot, and post shoot image review and selection.

Message me your info and some details on what type of shoot you have in mind and I'll get back with you shortly!