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Portrait photography or portraiture has the main purpose of capturing the personality or essence of one or more people. Usually, there is an emphasis on lighting, background, and poses. Portraits can serve many purposes, from usage on a personal website to display in a home, office, or business. 

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Fashion photography is devoted to displaying clothes or other fashion items and products. Fashion shoots can be commercial (catalog) or editorial. Even a senior portrait session can be a fun fashion style photoshoot! It's all about the mood, the clothes, the style.  

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Fitness and boudoir photography both capture the human form. In boudoir, for both men ("dudeoir") and women, there is an emphasis on intimate and sensual posing in various states of dress (or undress if you will.) Dramatic lighting and flattering posing makes both fitness and boudoir shoots stand out from the other shoots. These shoots are about your own special beauty.   

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sight and sound

Concert photography is the photography of activities relating to concerts and music. It encompasses photographs of a band or musician as well as coverage of a concert. Event photography is the photography of guest and occurrences at a social event or occasion such as behind the scenes of shows or filmings.

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Editorial or conceptual photography involves illustrating an idea or a story. These photoshoots are often used in magazines, in advertisements, or as stand alone pieces of fine art. These shoots can be used for commercial purposes as well as personal purposes. Whatever you can dream up can be created in some form and captured. 

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Real estate photography is devoted to capturing the exterior and interior space of a home or other property. Selling a home or property today isn’t getting any easier which means you need every advantage possible to reduce the days on market of your listings and deliver a fast turnaround for your clients. Statistics have shown that properties with high quality, professional photos can reduce days on market by over 300%!