Headshots to Head to LA!

A local actress reached out to me needing some headshots! I was excited for this opportunity and knew I was up for the task. Initially, I spoke with the client over the phone and found that that she and her daughter were getting ready to head out to LA to look for an agent. We discussed what looks they were wanting to go for and set a date! Getting just the right look for a headshot can be crucial! As an actor, your headshot is part of your personal brand. It takes not just technical skills from the photographer but a special kind of people skill to get just the right look. We nailed this session! Being that I'm a bit of an "everything" photographer, during our session I couldn't help but get some playful fun shots too! 

Baby Bump

I was pleasantly surprised with a former client reached out to me to set a date for me to shoot her maternity photos. She entrusted me with this special moment and wanted images of her pregnancy done by me, in my style! I was so excited to have my first maternity shoot and can't wait to book another! Here are a couple of my favorite pictures for the shoot! 

Always Learning

Not long ago, I attended my first photography conference. It was the 3rd conference put on by Sal Cincotta and his team and it's called Shutterfest! While I don't have a frame for reference to compare this conference to others, I do know that this conference in indeed different from many of the other photography conferences out there. Sal and his team work hard to create a family of photographers that interact with each other though out the year. While at the conference, I had the opportunity to attend classes from some A-list photographers in the industry. I want to continue growing and learning because in the world of photography, there are a mind boggling amount of things to be learned. One of the great things about this conference is that there is time to implement something you may have learned in one of the classes. Since I do most of my work in the studio, I can honestly say, I walked away with more confidence for shooting on location especially for working with Senior Portraits! Below are a few shots I took during the conference. 


Super excited about having another picture accepted to be in the Vogue Italia Photographer Database!!  We created this piece with the help of H/MUA Amy Wood in my Collierville based studio. Vintage beauty Kaylen Shelby is an excellent model for this period piece. 


The Muse Magazine

My photography was recently published in The Muse magazine! I was selected as the featured photographer of the month and was interviewed by the editor of the magazine. The featured model is Kalissa, a local from Memphis. She's always wonderful to work with and she's definitely going places! Hair and Makeup Artist Amy Wood did a fantastic job as always and brought our images to life, along with stylist Amanda Martin. The shoot took place at my home studio in Collierville. 

We titled the series "Dinner With Friends" and the photoshoot revolves around a young girl who meets and eats animals. The full story didn't really come together until I was editing them in Photoshop afterwards, but it worked out nicely! Sometimes I will go into a photoshoot with a solid theme and knowing exactly how it will play out, and sometimes we just have a rough idea that turns into something amazing, just like what happened here. 

Here are a couple of images from that shoot!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/The-Muse-Magazine-819884938066514/timeline/

Royal Fit

Another publication, another cover! Stylist Amanda Martin came into my home studio in Collierville, Tennessee, and she was filled with creative ideas. I had a vintage wedding dress and plenty of pearls, she had two small owls and another dress, and the shoot flowed together. Our hair makeup artist Amy Wood came in and fixed up local Memphis model Kalissa with hot pink eyeshadow and lipstick that showed off the "bratty princess" look we were going for. Amy whipped her hair up into a royal do and Kalissa looked like she was transported from my Collierville studio to a royal castle!  I always try to capture something specific in my photography. The photo set goes from regal to pouty to a full-on fit, and so the title "Royal Fit" was born. 

I was thrilled to have this piece chosen as the cover for Creative Portrait magazine. This is an international magazine, based out of the UK. They are a nonprofit and proceeds go to the charity MD UK, which helps sufferers of debilitating muscular dystrophy. I always try to support a good cause, especially if I can do something I love at the same time!

Here is the image that appeared on the cover! 

What a whirlwind of a summer! Now on to fall!

Whoo! This summer was super busy, starting with my first of two shoots with Click Magazine. Click Magazine covers Desoto County, Memphis, and the rest of the Mid-South area. My first photoshoot with them was shooting as their fashion photographer at Ground Zero in Clarksdale, Mississippi, a historic blues music bar. The models included the beautiful Aviana Monasterio, and my teen model daughter, Kaylen Shelby. Kaylen is a senior this year, but we won't have to do much shopping around Collierville or Memphis for a photographer to do her senior portraits!

The next shoot with Click Magazine was also in Mississippi. This shoot took place in Hernando out on a farm and celebrated the three big college football teams in this area, University of Memphis Tigers, University of Mississippi Rebels, and Mississippi State Bulldog; listed in no particular order! Outside of my work with Click Magazine, I also did several fashion photoshoots and creative photoshoots. I started working with local designers as a photographer and did several lookbooks and photoshoots for websites.

The summer was full of photoshoots and lots of hard work, and I'm looking forward to a great (and busy!) fall! I will have several other publications coming out that I'm really excited about!

Be sure to check out the publications section of my website here to see my magazine fashion spreads. 

- Pam

So this happened!

Memphis area Photographer Featured in Vogue Italia

In my last blog post, I mentioned how being new to photography is tough. Honestly, there is self doubt and I guess everyone deals with it from time to time. I think when you are new to it, you must deal with it more frequently. One photographer that I highly respect encouraged me to find photographers in my local area that are more find someone I can trust that is MUCH better than where I am and ask them to review my portfolio. Well, I haven't exactly found that yet, but I'm working on it. I really hope to offer my services as an assistant in trade for portfolio reviews and general guidance. In the meantime, I showed some work to a Memphis photographer and artist who just always produces some of the most amazing work. She really encouraged me to submit some photos to Vogue Italia; so I did. 

The way they work is you can submit two pictures per day. The go to a "waiting area" and the editors, yes, the same editors that edit the print magazine in Italy, review the pictures and either it goes in your portfolio or it disappears. The first time I submitted, my pictures disappeared immediately, no email, no warning. I thought something was wrong and they didn't upload right. I did a little research and found out that the disappeared because they were looked at and not accepted as soon as I uploaded them. 

The following day, I uploaded one and it didn't immediately disappear. I came back to the site later at there was the picture! It was no longer in the waiting room, it was in my portfolio! You can visit my portfolio, as I often do (LOL), Vogue Italia .  Much thanks to Model Hunter Hamm and Designer Adrian Duke for working with me on this project. 

This certainly helps with the whole self doubt thing. 


My FIRST published piece

As a photographer who did not grow up learning all about photography, I had a point-and-shoot camera and enjoyed capturing moments through the years. Many times, family and friends said I should get a real camera, but talk of the technical side of things (other than pointing and shooting) made my eyes glaze over. It's really only been since I moved to the Memphis area that I decided to really focus on studying and learning. I am living, breathing proof that someone in their mid-40's can pick up a DSLR and learn how to shoot in manual mode, can learn how to use editing software, and how to set up a website. There is still so much to learn; I will continue learning and growing. When I shoot, I have a creative spark.  When I edit, it grows. When I starting planning a shoot, it sometimes becomes an inferno!

To be totally honest, being new to the photography world is tough. There are questions I have and sometimes Youtube just doesn't have the right answer. Then, it comes to the questions of "is my work good" and "do people like this" and "will someone buy this". It's really nice when a photographer who I respect looks at my work and gives a critique or takes the time to answer a question and points out something for me that I did not see before in one of my pictures. This helps me grow as a photographer. This is a gift that I will hopefully be able to give someone else one day.

Some of the photographers that I follow and learn from submit editorials to be published. I knew this is something I wanted to do. I began making plans the minute I saw this amazing couch at a club in Memphis when I took my daughter to see her friend play a show. As soon as I saw the Fairytale theme, I decided to make a submission on the concept for Crooked Crown (Punk Rock Princess). You can see the tear sheets on my Publication Page. Many thanks for Eclat Magazine for accepting my photo set. I also thank the amazing and awesome Scotty Theunissen. He was the perfect Prince Charming!  Kaylen Shelby is a fantastic model that I knew had what it takes to go from Princess to Punk Rock Rebel. She did an amazing job on the make up as well. I appreciate Mat Brown at The Warehaus for doing hair for the 2nd and 3rd pictures below. 

The Warehaus

Pam Fields Photography spent the day with Mat Brown and his team at The Warehaus in Memphis preparing for a promotional photoshoot. Mat is the owner and creative director at The Warehaus which sits atop the Union Centre Building with a wall of windows overlooking the city. Mat started this amazing salon in Memphis and has pulled together a team of highly talented, well trained, and really cool people! I got the pleasure of first meeting him when I took my son in for a hair cut a few weeks ago. Why there when there are like a zillion salons? Serendipity, perhaps.  When I booked that initial appointment, I didn't really know much about Mat and his place. I just knew from looking on their website, I felt confident someone on his team could take my son from looking like Kurt Cobain to something more put together. 

During this initial visit, I took my daughter, Kaylen along. Kaylen Shelby, as she is known in the modeling and acting community, also loves music. We were pleased to find that Mat and his team are fans of much of the music she listens. It was great sitting around and talking about music and hair. We learned that The Warehaus is also a live music venue! Kaylen was very excited to hear about this as she is working to make connections in the music industry. 

Mat has been a hairdresser for six years and is a National Educator and Learning Leader for @pmtsmemphis. He hasn't has his salon for very long but I have a feeling it's going to be a great success! Mat is a such a likable and positive guy. I can really tell how much he cares about giving back to others. Mat isn't just a salon owner in a sea of salons trying to make it. He's much more than that. He's a guy that makes a difference in peoples lives.

You can check out The Warehaus' website here

Mat was planning to do a prom promotional so Kaylen offered to assist as a model. I came along as the photographer. She had two different looks. Reed Mann was the MUA for the first look and Shaka Diamante was the MUA for the second, more avant garde look. It was a great day!  As usual, being on set at photoshoot there was time to visit with people and make connections. It's one of the things I love to do! It warms my soul and makes my heart happy to have to time to share life stories and listen to others talk about their stories and passions. I seem to always learn something about people and life. Even at (cough...cough) 40ish, I have learned that life is something you never completely figure out and it's important to me to strive to walk away from my experiences learning a little something to help me not only be a better photographer, but also a better person. 

Pictures from the promo shoot are posted on my website and a second collaboration with Mat and his team will also be in the works!

Oh Snap!

Welcome to the blog section of my brand new website, Pam Fields Photography! I will utilize this space to discuss a variety to topics, including my photography journey! 

Outside of the "About Me" section, I figure here, I can be a little more personal and let you know a little more about myself. For one, I am happily married to an awesome husband who has worked hard so I could stay home and raise our children. I won't go into our whole life story with all it's crazy twists and turns, but life has been an adventure and we have certainly learned to roll with it! I have two great kids and my youngest is about to be a teenager! YIKES!  My husband's career has moved us around quite a bit up until this point, and we landed in Memphis this summer from a short stay in Indianapolis where I meet amazing people, some great friends, and fell in love with the city. Moving to the Memphis area was almost like coming home. My parents are about 3 1/2 hour south in the MS Delta, living in the same house where I grew up. It looks like we will be in the Memphis area long term and I'm already falling in love with the city! I am looking forward to my new adventures here and am so excited that spring is right around the corner!