Hi there!! I'm a portrait, fashion, and commercial photographer and have recently moved to Las Vegas. I began studying photography after my daughter started modeling. I have always been interested in photography and many photographers and friends told me that I have a natural talent for it. I decided to put down my point-and-shoot and picked up a professional Nikon D800.  I really love experimenting with light, shadow, and texture.  My style could best be described as “contemporary portraits with a fashion twist” and I work hard to provide magazine quality edits!

Currently, I am the co-editor of RISE Magazine, a fashion and art magazine. I have been published in several national and international magazines and I am a featured photographer on Vogue Italia's website. I get excited every time my images are published and I look forward to bringing that excitement to your shoot! If you are looking to get a piece published, looking for a personal project, or looking for amazing pictures of you, your children, your business, or your products, I would love to chat with you. I have a passion for creating images that are meaningful and captivating and have an eye for detail. Everyone should have the chance to feel like a supermodel, and I enjoy working with clients of all ages, shapes, and sizes! Whether we are developing a concept to tell a story, planning a test session for fashion or portrait shoots, I love getting to know you and really connecting to make the most of our time together.


I believe we are created to be creative and there is beauty in and all around us. It’s part of my job, as a photographer, to help you see that beauty as we create on both sides of the camera.
— Pam Fields